A Path to Independence 

You are an individual.

Every person’s path to success is a little bit different. Through our association with Insight Enrichment Group, you will have the opportunity to work with your own personal coach who can assist in the areas where you need individualized attention. Whether it’s help managing your time and budget, finding educational programs to achieve your goals, or improving your job search and interview skills, your coach will help you build the abilities and confidence you need to move toward greater independence.  

We're invested in your success.

With hard work and commitment, your residency at LaunchPad will be a time of exciting change and newfound personal empowerment. When you are ready for the next stage, our team can help you navigate the details for a smoother, less stressful transition into independent living. And as a LaunchPad alumnus, if you find still need assistance in certain areas, we will always be there to provide resources and guidance.