What is LaunchPad?

Living on your own can be daunting. Managing your time, money, health, job, and social life can seem complicated - especially if you’ve never had the opportunity to learn and practice these necessary life skills yourself. You need a safe, supportive environment where you can gradually transition to independence and self-reliance without feeling stranded and alone.    

We have a solution. 

LaunchPad is not a treatment or care facility, but a supportive residential community that provides safety and encouragement as you work toward a more independent life. You will live collaboratively with peers who share many of your own challenges, while still enjoying the freedom to be yourself and to pursue your individual dreams and passions. While living at LaunchPad you will have the opportunity to learn essential life skills and responsibilities, and most importantly, you will build healthy, meaningful structure that will help you to live a more purposeful, fulfilling lifestyle.